Why should I switch to Python?

Dana Booth dana at oz.net
Wed May 10 07:52:24 CEST 2000

Grant Griffin <g2 at seebelow.org> wrote:

GG: Like you, I have been doing Perl for about 3 years.  It's a wonderful
GG: thing for what it is, but having discovered Python, I now consider
GG: myself a "Perl Refugee".  Python is like Perl--except without so much
GG: "Perl".  What could be better?!

I'm a fan of any scripting language that's easy to learn. :) Hence, I love
Perl, Python, and TCL. One of the things I really dig about Python is that
it seems like such a perfect mix of traditional C style coding, and the ease
of high level languages like Perl and TCL.

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