IDEs, ID or EGO? (was: Decimals -> Fraction strings, my solution

Courageous jkraska1 at
Fri May 26 09:41:59 CEST 2000

> This is probably a good time to confess that I've recently taken to
> using Visual Studio as my Python IDE.

"Hi, my name is Grant Griffin, and I'm a Visual Studio user."

*everybody now!*

"Hi, Grant!" :)-

> I tried Pythonwin, which is very, very good, but I got frustrated with
> the fact that each time I tried to run my revised Python code, it seemed
> to remember the old version.  (Maybe there's a workaround, but the
> easiest one I've found is to use an IDE that isn't written in Python.

Hrm. Funny. I just use a command line (yes, this is on NT) and simply
run my test python code straight through the interpreter. I don't
see much point in loading everything into idle or what not again
and again, unless I have a specific need/desire to poke at the code.

Typically, I just type:

% python <something>.py

... and it does the rest.


> Now, if only Visual Studio could be configured to do Python syntax
> highlighting...

Well, emacs and gvim are both quite good at it, IMO. For example, I
use gvim in VC6.0, and use the rest of VC (debugging, compiling), but
avoid its editing capabilities. This, too, is very easy. I use a paged
virtual desktop manager which maps a set of keys to virtual screens
(none of this picking a region with the mouse shit, I just hit a
button and flip). One page has VC, one email/usenet, another code
hacking, a fourth telnet sessions and the like.

ima-powa-usa-baybee ly y'rs

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