Future of the Python Linux Distribution

Andrew M. Kuchling akuchlin at mems-exchange.org
Mon May 8 11:05:20 EDT 2000

claird at starbase.neosoft.com (Cameron Laird) writes:
> <URL:http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/prkunix/info/more_jpl.html>.
> In fact this page is somewhat dated; JPL is farther along than
> is apparent from this write-up.

But JPL seems to embed a Perl interpreter inside a Java VM through
JNI.  Like Finn Bock's Tkinter module for JPython, which wraps Tcl/Tk
using JNI, it's a useful trick that sacrifices some features, such as
ease of distributing the resulting code and the ability to write
applets.  That's much less impressive than Jim Hugunin's 
accomplishment of a from-scratch reimplementation in Java.  (Or Skaller's 
accomplishment of a from-scratch reimplementation in OCaML, for that

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