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>Vetle Roeim <vetler at> writes:
>> * Harry George
>> > I like the look-and-feel of the gtk-based balsa emailer.  But it has
>> > classic C-based crashes in the current pre-release.  I was wondering
>> > if anyone knows of a python-based rendition?  A lot of replicated
>> > funcionality, I know, but I hate non-gc'd languages.
>> I really can't understand why someone would *want* to write an
>> application like this in C. It makes me angry and frustrated.
>> It could probably have been done faster and better in Python.
>> Sorry about this.. I just had to let out some steam.
>Well, they could have done it in C++...
>I agree wholeheartedly with you.  To me, implementing a MUA in C/C++
>is just silly.  Use Python, use scheme, use lisp, use smalltalk, use
>ocaml, use tcl, use perl (shudder) - use just about anything else, and
>you're pretty likely to end up with a better, more stable solution
>Mind you, I hate all forms of GUI programming, some I'm not going to
>write that killer MUA in Python ... it does surprise me that noone has
>written one yet though.  Or maybe they have, and I just don't know
>about it?

It's not python, and it does have it's quirks, but TkRat is nice. 

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