AI and Python

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Sat May 13 04:27:28 CEST 2000

  I was wondering if there was a version of eliza in python?

 - Lex

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> is a good comparison of Lisp and Python (Lisp being the canonical AI
> language). There's more on that web site as well.
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> Cheers!
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> "lexberezhny" <lexberezhny at> wrote in message
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> > I was wondering if anyone has dont any artificial inteligence with
> > I am writing a program for my school, which is ment to talk to kids in
> > trouble, it will ask some simple questions based on the student answers,
> > there is already a list of questions that we might want answered, so its
> not
> > really AI. But I wanted any opinions on this topic. Thanks.

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