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Thu May 4 13:06:11 EDT 2000

On Thu, 4 May 2000 09:36:02 -0400, "Warren Postma"
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>I agree with all of Scotts ideas. I'd like Python to become just as flexible
>and efficient a producer of Windows executables as Delphi is currently for
>me. I think I'll always want and need Delphi around too. Different tools,
>different jobs. Delphi is a non-starter as a system scripting tool, whereas
>Python will always be great at that. I think Delphi will always be superior
>as a means of distributing binary single executables (requiring no runtime,
>vbrun.dll, .pyd files, or what have you).

	Irrelevant to real Python guys, but as long as you mention 
Delphi: You know there's a very nice set of Python for Delphi 
components out there (I have no idea whether

is still the right url; if not Morgan Martinet at mmm at
might know where to go.)

	Makes it very easy to use a Delphi program as a front end 
for Python scripts. (Or to let Python programs execute a little bit
of compiled code for the hard parts, or to let Delphi programs
use a little Python for the interesting parts.)

	Another useful aspect is that then you can make a little
Delphi program that you use in place of the interactive mode of
Python. There are two big advantages to this: First, it works
exactly the way you want, and second, you can easily forget what
modules you automatically import on startup, allowing you to
post really stupid questions on comp.lang.python from time to


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