Is Python really slow?

Kiyo Kelvin Lee kiyolee*remove* at
Sun May 28 20:01:13 EDT 2000

If you want fast for this kind of do-nothing loop, why not simply remove the
If you want somekind of delay, why not using those time-delay functions.
Reminded that Python is interpreted language and C is compiled language.
Actually, some smart C compiler will remove this kind of do-nothing loop
during optimization.

"Alexander" <alecdem at> wrote in message
news:392F8286.13371C4E at
> Hi
> I have implemented  loop in Python
> for k in xrange(1,100000000):
>    pass
> and the same one in  C
> for ( i = 0 ; i < 1e8; i++ ) ;
> and the second one seems to be working hundreds of times faster than the
> first one
> Can I do anything with that.
> Thank you

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