Case-sensitivity: why -- or why not? (was Re: Damnation!)

Arthur Siegel ajs at
Mon May 22 22:33:42 EDT 2000

"Fredrik Lundh" <effbot at> writes on Sun, 21 May 2000 11:44:08 GMT:
>     "During the course of development, we tried very hard not to
>     modify the Python language. /.../ Unfortunately, we were ulti-
>     mately forced to abandon pure Python when testing revealed
>     two flaws in the language that made Python unusable by our
>     target audience: integer math and case sensitivity."

>Q: Is the Alice projects target audience identical to that of Python?

To the best that I can comprehend the target audience are 'animators', or
let's say graphic
artists. Alice's specifc purpose is to allow its audience to get as much 3D
done as possible, given and fully accepting that this audience has no
current or future interest
in programming.

We have to draw the CP4E line someplace.  Perhaps everyone except those with
an active lack of
interest. Alice's audience. Which is in no way a shot at Alice or its

Until Guido's recent post up here I was willing to accept the possibility
that it was me - that
I had misinterpreted and misunderstood the importance he attached to Alice.
But, he announced here
unequivocally that the Alice studies are central to his thinking about the
future of Python.

The future of Python.

Personally, don't care much about whether Python is or is not case
sensitive.  If Guido concludes
a case insensitive Python is the more elegant Python, I certainly have no
basis or reason to
doubt his judgement.  The question is way out of my league, but I'll go
every time with a track
record - and Guido's as a designer is impeccable in my view.

But the assessment of the relevancy of the Alice study seems to me cake.
That question I can handle.

Very, very little.

Is Guido simply being devilish in posing this to us?

On the issue itself - that of case - I've come full circle.  I accept
Guido's instinctual design decisions
on faith, and if that is what P3K is in the end about I would be amazed if I
or anyone else were disappointed.

They boo-ed when Dylan went electric.

But for me its about the instincts of a designer, and the faith of a fan.

Not science.

So much the better.

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