resource.getrusage() broken under Linux?

Tim Churches tchur at
Wed May 3 00:00:26 EDT 2000

I checked the FAQs and email archives but couldn't find anything on
this. Using Python 1.5.2 compiled under SuSE Linux 6.1 (kernel 2.2.7),
the getrusage() function in the resource library module correctly
returns the user and system mode time used by the Python process as the
first two items of its return value, but all the other items, which are
supposed to indicate memory utilisation, return zero. Is this a known
problem under Linux? Any work-arounds? I am trying to build some classes
which heuristically pickles data objects out to disc if too much memory
is being consumed by the Python process. Should I just use ZODB and let
it do the worrying?


Tim C

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