Reza Habib reza at
Sun May 28 02:40:52 EDT 2000

Hello.  I'm new to python and am having some trouble debugging my program.
I'm running python 1.52 under windows nt 4 sp6.  I use the python command
line shell to import my script file, the pdb file, and then start the
debugger:'myfile.test()').  This starts the debugger, however, the
list command only prints EOF.  Also, I can't set breakpoints by giving line
numbers (since it doesn't look like the file was loaded).  However, if I use
the next command, it will correctly step through my code.  Is there
something I need to do to get the list command to work so that I know where
in the code I'm debugging and also to get break points to work.  Thanks in


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