How to get terminal width?

Doug Stanfield DOUGS at
Wed May 3 18:07:30 EDT 2000

Please don't patronize me.  I personalized the statement I made.  Many
people are in situations where they have control over the universe of
systems that will run the software they develop.  Others who don't should be
well aware of that fact.  I noted that Solaris was excluded and suggested
another alternative which was after all the point of my post.

I haven't tested it but suspect that Donn Caves posted solution was more
generally applicable.  My only point was to correct his statement that "...
you don't get it (COLUMNS) on contemporary Berkeley or Linux platforms."

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> Doug Stanfield <DOUGS at> writes:
> > COLUMNS is there on my just installed Mandrake 7, a new 
> Storm install, a Red
> > Hat 5.2, 6.1, and a Mandrake 6.x.  In my world thats almost 
> universal
> In a world that contains other operating systems than Linux, or even
> other distributions than the redhat-derived ones, that is a very long
> way from universal.
> "It runs on my Linux box" doesn't say a thing about portability.
> Too many people seem to not realize this.
> -Justin
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