mxODBC and delete

M.-A. Lemburg mal at
Fri May 19 23:35:15 CEST 2000

Peter Leveille wrote:
> I have been using the mxODBC package for access to a database.  This has
> been working great,  until a recent problem that I have had.  When I try
> running the following code, python just freezes up. Does anyone know
> what I am doing wrong,  or if there is another way to do it?
> >>> import ODBC.Windows
> >>> db = ODBC.Windows.Connect('????????','???','??????')
> >>> c = db.cursor()
> >>> c.execute('DELETE FROM ???????')

The code looks perfectly ok. Could be that the database table
you want to delete is locked or that you don't have delete

What kind of database backend are you using ?

Marc-Andre Lemburg
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