Trouble with Pmw ComboBox get()

Greg McFarlane gregm at
Fri May 5 12:12:08 EDT 2000

When I ran your it said

    # python 
    Traceback (innermost last):
      File "", line 3, in ?
	from editDay import *
    ImportError: No module named editDay

So, you haven't included all the files.

However, I definitely do *not* suggest you post all your files to the
python mailing list once again.  You need to do a little work yourself
and narrow down the problem, by reducing the size of the program that
displays the unexpected behaviour as much as possible.  If you have
code that does not behave as you expect, I suggest you create the
absolute smallest runnable program that demonstrates the problem.  The
process of doing this will almost always lead you to the solution.  If
not, then post the snippet.  By snippet I mean at most one file of at
most 30 lines.


On 2 May, Cindy Huyser wrote:
> More complete information on the Pmw ComboBox get() problem:
> I've attached the primary files for this program. Run, and
> choose Available Rooms from the View menu to get the course scheduler
> overview.  Here, attempting to add or delete a course scheduled doesn't
> have the desired effect --this is where the problem shows up -- the
> default values are always loaded into the code.
> Something else that's weird is the set of labels that's showing up at
> the bottom of the page -- I don't think I wrote code that put them
> there!
> I retyped this file from an earlier version that was working pretty well
> (but didn't do file reads).  In this version, I've hard coded in all the
> information I had been reading from files.  The substantial difference
> between this version and the one in which the course addition/deletion
> is working is the way in which information is communicated between the
> file handler functions in main() and the data structures in
> and, and I imagine this is where the trouble lies.

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