Thank you Bill ... it was exactly what the doctor ordered!

rayleyva at rayleyva at
Tue May 9 20:09:59 EDT 2000

I had even gone so far as to try to use the odbc wrapper even though
that doesn't seem to be actively supported, and it's looks a little
more difficult to get a particular field.  Anyways ... thanks!  If ever
I can return the favor just let me know.  I'm going to be a regular
troller of this group so I can help, and get help ;D


In article <8z0S4.16870$L3.132746 at>,
  "Bill Wilkinson" <bwilk_97 at> wrote:
> hmm  I am not quite smart enough to know why it is not printing
> But I do know that if that field is a date time field, you will get a
> object when you retrieve its value from the database..  Luckily the
> object comes with a Format() function that returns a string... Below,
t is a
> Date/Time value I have retrieved from an Access table.
> >>> t
> <PyTime:12/30/99 11:34:00 PM>
> >>> type(t)
> <type 'time'>
> >>> t.Format()
> '12/30/0/ 23:34:00'
> >>> print "The value of t is", t.Format(),"."
> The value of t is 12/30/0/ 23:34:00 .
> <rayleyva at> wrote in message news:8f9jr7$kk1
$1 at
> | After much reading I've chosen to use the win32com access method to
> | to my Access97 data.  It's working great except when I try to print
> | a field that contains date information ... here's some code

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