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Fri May 12 22:36:44 CEST 2000

The modern replacement (IMHO) for 
newsgroups is web-archive backed 
 email groups.   You can search for 
 the zope related ones on eGroups at
 Plus uses Python, mostly.  
 (but not Zope.)  
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> From: Dan L.Pierson  <dan at c...>  
> Date: Wed May 10, 2000 10:10am  
> Subject: Re: Python/Zope  
> "Fabio Augusto Mazzarino" mazza at r... wrote:
> > I have searched, but unfortunatelly i didin't find
> anything 
> about
> > a newsgruop, but a lot of mail-box-filling-out-mailing-lists.
> > I know you are wondering why I am looking for a newsgroup... but...
> > nevermind... keep wondering. Someday I'll tell you.
> This has come up before on the zope-user list. My memory of the
> reasons why not are a bit hazy. Here's my best guess:
> 1. No one at Digital Creations has time to do this. Volunteers
> welcome :-).
> 2. Some people are afraid that a news/mail gateway will cause even
> more noise on the list. 
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