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>>>>> "Moshe" == Moshe Zadka <moshez at math.huji.ac.il> writes:

    Moshe> On Sat, 20 May 2000, Thomas Malik wrote:
    >> Same for me ...

    >> I've just convinced our whole department (at a german bank) to
    >> use Python instead of Perl. A case - insensitive language won't
    >> be acceptable by any of us. So, Guido, should i start looking
    >> for another job ...?

BTW, congrats... you wouldn't be at liberty to divulge the name of
that bank?  Thought so...

[... Python's roadmap up to 1.8 according to Moshe...]

    Moshe> BTW: Case-insensitivity a show stopper? This boggled me. I mean, case
    Moshe> sensitivity/insensitivity is the most minor feature of programming
    Moshe> language. Type declerations, memory management, and even whitespce seem
    Moshe> like much more earth shaking issues.

Name just one language that switched from case-sensitivity to
case-insensitivity.  I've never heard of this being done... and if
there was such a case I'm sure there was a) some mighty fine flamewars
to behold and b) a split in the community.

I think that if Py3K is to be too far from the Python of today and/or
there are no sufficiently effective conversion tools, there *will* be
a split.

Oh, and forget about the "But you don't have to switch" line.  Yes,
you don't *have* to switch from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2 if you don't like it.
But then you won't be able to use the latest and greatest Mailman
release... so it's not just about switching or not switching... there
are more and more tools and apps (and even parts of the
infrastructure) dependent on Python, and many of them on a specific
version (and come Py3K, most of the actively developed ones).

Bye, J

PS: This last point jumped around in my head for a week or two

PPS: This not intended as a flame of any kind... I'm just very
concerned that the players here are aware of the potential
consequences.  I'd *hate* to see the Python community split.

PPPS: And I like controversial stuff... ;-)

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