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Wed May 10 13:09:58 EDT 2000

"Fabio Augusto Mazzarino" <mazza at> wrote:

>  I have searched, but unfortunatelly i didin't find anything about
> a newsgruop, but a lot of mail-box-filling-out-mailing-lists.
>  I know you are wondering why I am looking for a newsgroup... but...
> nevermind... keep wondering. Someday I'll tell you.
This has come up before on the zope-user list.  My memory of the
reasons why not are a bit hazy.  Here's my best guess:

1. No one at Digital Creations has time to do this.  Volunteers
welcome :-).

2. Some people are afraid that a news/mail gateway will cause even
more noise on the list.  There's some justice to this, but news
reading tools tend to be better at filtering noise, so...  I can't
remember if this view was strong enough to veto a volunteer.

My advise is to ask about this on one or more of the Zope lists if and
only if you're prepared to do the work.  I'd rather like to see it
happen, but am not prepared to do the work so I shut up :-)

Dan Pierson, Control Technology Corporation
dan at

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