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Chuck Esterbrook echuck at
Tue May 9 08:06:13 EDT 2000

Nhi Vanye wrote:
> $ from hank at -#87740 | sed "1,$s/^/> /"
> >
> >
> >Hi Ken,
> >
> >An article on Python Server Pages appeared in two parts recently in DDJ.
> >The web site associated with the article is at
> >
> I was looking forward to being able to use PSP instead of PHP in my web
> pages, but:
>   o Its written in JPython, and when what I really need is mod_psp.
>   o The license requires me to submit all changes I make back to AEI.
>   o The license requires that I state in a prominent way that I have
>     made modifications to the software and the specific changes made
>   o I'm not allowed to make any changes that may be "harmful" to other
>     users/systems. So no site specific customising.
> I'll be staying with PHP for the time being :-(

As Hank pointed out there is "Webware for Python". I'll be releasing version 0.2 this week which is significantly more interesting and useful than the first.

Jay Love is working on a PHP-style component for Webware with input from me (and whoever else). I expect he'll either base it off PSP and work out the issues (both technical and licensing) or if that doesn't work, he/we will start from scratch.

Like many others, I found Zope to be more painful than gainful. I won't go into details as it's been hashed over quite a bit by others.

The WebKit in Webware offers an application server with servlets.

When things settle down with that and the PHP/ASP/JSP clone, then I will move on to MiddleKit which is intended to provide "enterprise/business objects" and DB integration from a higher level perspective than DB API.

Then I will build my notorious website and take over the world. The website will allow the community to build, in an open source fashion, the break-up plan for Microsoft. Anyone can contribute.

I'll refrain from including my URL pending this week's Webware 0.2 announcement. (e.g., don't bother with 0.1 anymore)


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