Arthur Siegel ajs at ix.netcom.com
Sat May 20 19:52:54 EDT 2000

>P3K is still just an unformed web of ideas, desires and discontents.  

On the other hand, the same influences that are informing Guido's
thinking about P3K for tomorrow, are very much informing his CP4E
activities today.

>The argument usually used in favor of case insensitivity is that it is
>easier for beginners and the experiences with Alice seems to back 
>that up.

I have fought a thankless battle on the EDU-SIG list about the centrality of Alice, the centrality of interface, etc. I learned that 
'minimum cognitive load' was a good thing.

In Guido's Linux Journal article, the IDE finds the bug and highlights it.  We weren't given a clue how we had gotten the students to the point where they knew a bug from a lizard.

I am close enough to having been a beginner myself to report that
case sensitivity/insensivity was that the least of my problems - a non-issue in fact. It would defy common sense to think it would be otherwise. I don't know the studies, but am confident that they are 'flawed' - I would like to use stronger language.

Anyway I am greatly heartened to see the issue addressed so directly
here.  I have felt a bit of a pariah on EDU-SIG

And God save Guido from the Visionaries.
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