PyOpengl... gone forever?

Mike Fletcher mfletch at
Sun May 21 01:00:31 CEST 2000

	PyOpenGL is the way Python deals with OpenGL in TKinter, wxPython,
FxPy and Win32all guis, not just TKinter ones.  wxPython used to have it's
own wrapper, but it was so limited as to be useless, so it was deprecated in
favour of PyOpenGL.  So, save for the game-engine interfaces, PyOpenGL is
the only OpenGL option at the moment.

PyOpenGL should likely be put into a sourceforge project with one or two
people signed on as coordinators.  I'm not a C++ coder, so I'm not a useful
choice, but there might be someone willing to stand up and stand in.


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There seems to be alternatives developing - I believe wxPython
and th PyFLTk have or will have OpenGL canvases.  But I'm
not sure its fully there yet in either case, and even so that's along way to
go for those of us already comfortable with Tkinter.

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