Distro for IBM OS/390

Martin Eggen martineg at ifi.uio.no
Sun May 21 05:23:12 CEST 2000

* Gordon McMillan
| But sometime around last December, IBM had a web page 
| somewhere with instructions for building Python 1.4 on big iron.

Yeah. That one is pretty old, actually. I _think_ it was summer 1998
(and not last year) i struggled with compiling this on OS390 (V2R5 or
so). The patch applied cleanly to the 1.4 source tree, but I had big
troubles getting the damn ting to _link_ properly. I didn't really
finish getting it to work, though, I wrote the ting I needed in
another p-language instead. :P

OS390 is now one of the supported platforms for P*rl, I would be
delighted of hearing about anyone using Python (1.5) on later releases
of OS390. (Although I'm not working at the usual place this summer, so
no playing with unix on Big Iron. :P )

Martin Eggen <martineg at ifi.uio.no>

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