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Wed May 17 19:02:56 CEST 2000

As usual, my good friend, you are quite right in most aspects of
your argument. *However* you've got to stop your bias from
taking hold when making a point (only pure objectivity produces
results that anyone else cares about):


"How seriously X is taken" does not necessarily relate to how
good X is. Just like Windows NT is "taken more seriously" by
many, but UNIX is better, Java is taken more seriously, but
python is better. (I refuse to qualify that statement: see


Unix is better....hogwash. For some of the exact reasons that
you claim Python is better than Java, NT is better than UNIX. My
rollout speed for any web app is much faster *and it's not
because of the i-use-what-i-know syndrome*. NTM the nice pretty
GUI (yea, yea, whatever....don't even go there, I crashed your
linux toolbar last week.....), and 2000 takes it to a new level.

What's my point?
Better is a relative term. Whenever anyone asks a question which
involves comparison, you must define what you mean by (your
superlative here). UNIX and NT are different, let's do apples to
apples. UNIX can handle more responses and using certain
software can do a decent job of web apps. HOWEVER NT is *better*
because more people know it and are used to it. That is still a
qualifier for the general term better.

For more information look up dicto simpliciter in a philosophy



- JR

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