Another salvo in the indentation war? I hope not.

rzantow at rzantow at
Thu May 25 14:12:58 EDT 2000

This isn't really intended to launch into Yet Another Indentation
Threat, but I have one plausible argument in favor of some form of
block marking: When a newsreader, browser, or mail program trashes the
indentation from examples of Python source, it is a real pain in the
hindlimbs to recover the original program logic.

Yeah-I've-just-been-bitten-so-what?!-muttering-darkly-ly (?),

Dick Z
Pythons, unlike some other snakes, do have hindlimbs, but they never
develop beyond vestigial stumps. The arrest of limb development is
due to a failure of the sonic hedgehog signalling system ...

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