IDEs, ID or EGO? (was: Decimals -> Fraction strings, my solution

Courageous jkraska1 at
Wed May 17 05:56:15 CEST 2000

>         Just because M$ doesn't want to reveal all the command line
> options to work from outside of their "visual" environment doesn't mean
> the language requires it <G>

Ironically, I'm in Visual Studio right now using GVIM. This
works fine. You just get this annoying "the file such-n-such
has changed, would you like to load it?" every time you context-
switch. All you do is hit return and it goes away. Very easy
to tolerate for the pleasure of using the World's Greatest
Editor (tm).



(p.s., I'm prone to using gnumake with VC upon occasion as well;
 no problemo).

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