PythonWin win32all-131 editor crash

Neil Hodgson neilh at
Mon May 8 08:41:37 CEST 2000

> I get a reproducable segfault in the PythonWin editor (win32all-131 /
> Python 1.6a2) both on a Win98 and NT4 box whenever I have a source
> file large enough (~70kB) and hit the ^ key (requires two keystrokes
> on my german keyboard: ^ and space).

   There was a problem with the folding code when a file was longer than
about 4000 lines but that was fixed before the version that went out with
131. It could be caused by some incomplete Unicode handling in 131 which may
have some parameter issues. The OS traps messages between narrow character
and wide character windows and does some unpleasant parameter munging so
newer versions of Scintilla have returned to a narrow character window.

   I haven't been able to reproduce this on W2K or NT4 even with a German
locale. It is interesting that it is a non-spacing accent that causes the
problem. Does ^o creating 'ô' blow up? Does the same thing occur in an
English locale?


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