Python on 64 bit/IA-64 ...

Shiv Shankar Ramakrishnan Shiv at
Tue May 9 04:49:16 EDT 2000

Has there been any work done to make Python take advantage of a full 64
bit environment? More specifically is anyone working on an Intel IA-64
port of Python?

In particular if one were to change the sources for this then which data
model would one follow - LP64 or LLP64 (P64)? Which model have people
used for existing 64 bit platforms if they did a port?

AFAIK Python Int is now mapped to a 32 bit int and Long is unlimited
precision (emulation). Floating points are m/c dependent but mostly

So this is what I think might be good for IA-64 -

Pointers        - All 64 bit.
Int             - 64 bit.
Long            - As it is now.
Floating Point  - double (As now) or should it be long double?

Making floating points long double will get better precision but then
the results might differ from the double based ones.

Any comments? Also any general advice on doing a 64 bit port of Python.
Things to watch out for? Pitfalls etc ...

Please note that I am not making any promises about an IA-64 port as
of now :-)


P.S. If you something significant to say please cc a copy to me by
E-mail also.

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