Stackless/microthreads merge news

Brent Fulgham brent.fulgham at
Wed May 3 00:35:42 CEST 2000

> [Christian Tismer]
> > Hey, this is just an incredible idea.
> > Java with first class continuations, let that
> > drop through your brains. 90 percent of java threads
> > would be replaced by microthreads.
> > 
> > I will read the Kaffe source and think how this must be.
>    Please try to modify the Blackdown JVM rather than Kaffe - 
> it's faster and ... well ... it actually works ... and it's 
> Sun supported ... and stuff ...
I would advise against touching the Blackdown code.  Sun has
not released its source code under a "Free" license, and any
activities related to this code are both non-free, and potentially
corrupting of your ability to produce any "clean-room" code.

Help make Kaffe better, rather than waste time with Sun's



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