Python and COM servers

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Wed May 24 06:17:11 CEST 2000

There is no decent documentation, and there are no simple example.  The
simplest example is probably the "internet" extension (that doesnt use
SWIG), or probably the new ADSI interface for one that does.

The best docs are probably my previous postings in this newsgroup - some
going back quite some time.


"Alexander V. Kirsanov" <kirs at> wrote in message
news:392ACFB4.213143D4 at
> Hi!
> Is there documentation about writing Python COM servers with objects
> having several user defined vtable based interfaces?
> I've read that to provide vtable based interface there should be C++
> support for the interface. Is there a simple example implementing such
> C++ support?
> Thanks,
> Alexander Kirsanov

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