popen2 + passwd

Jp Calderone exarkun at flashmail.com
Tue May 16 00:04:24 EDT 2000

"Halvorson, Peter" wrote:
> Is it just me or does o.write look odd?  It seems to be writing to the
> output end of the pipe.
> In any case, if it is a tty problem, the simplest expect-like solution
> may be to use the telnetlib.py to fire off a telnet session.  Something
> like the following (you may have to fix the prompts provided to match
> your system, you may get a false hit on the shell prompt since it's
> a little short).
> peter
> import sys
> from telnetlib import Telnet
> host        = 'yourhost'
> login       = 'root'
> password    = 'xxxxxxx'
> shellprompt = '# '
> dialog = [
>   ('login: ',                     login),
>   ('Password: ',                  password),
>   (shellprompt,                   'passwd bin'),
>   ('New password: ',              '12345ASD'),
>   ('Repeat new password: ',       '12345ASD'),
>   (shellprompt,                   'exit') ]
> telnet = Telnet(host)
> for prompt, response in dialog:
>   sys.stdout.write(telnet.read_until(prompt))
>   telnet.write(response + '\n')
> telnet.close()
> sys.exit(0)

 Hmmm, except I have root login disabled for any foreign

 I ended up use using the usermod util w/ a shell encryption
program.  Probably what I should have done in the first place,
it's much nicer than fiddling with pipes to other programs, imho.

Thanks for all the responses though.  At least I see why my way
didn't work now.


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