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> I am using Python as a COM client and server for Excel. E.g. I have a
> of buttons in Excel calling some methods in Python, which in turn use COM
> read from and write to Excel. Everything works fine, but when I make a
> change in the Python program, no matter in which module, the change is
> reflected in the call started by Excel, until I restart the program.
> Even when reloading the top level module on every call from Excel, and
> making the changes only in that top level module, the program called by
> Excel never changes, until I restart Excel.
> Does anyone know how I can change this behavior, e.g. how I can force the
> changes to take effect?

Have you tried deleting the COM server objects in VBA then reinitializing
it?  I had a problem once where my COM server kept resetting itself, and it
turned out I was letting the server object go out of scope periodically.

Good luck,

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