python book recommendations?

Firehawk343 bronsn at
Sat May 13 04:07:46 EDT 2000

Thank you for the help and direction.  I'm not new to programming, but new
to OOP.  I understand PERL, so my learning curve is small with Python.  The
O'Reilly books are usually a little to referential, so the "Teach Yourself
Python..." book sounds appropriate.

much appreciated...

Paul Winkler wrote in message <391CECAD.7FD241AF at>...
>"Snoopy :-))" wrote:
>> BTY: "Learning Python" is also a very good book, but as a Newbie I found
>> quite overwhealming, to the point, that I almost stopped learning Python.
>> On the Other hand I am very happy that I bought the "Teach Yourself
>> in 24hrs". I find it considerable easier to comprehend the concepts, etc.

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