Using the " and ' characters in html text box

Fredrik Lundh effbot at
Fri May 12 14:22:54 EDT 2000

tester89 at wrote:
> I have a problem with using the " and ' characters via a web page
> using a scrolling text box. In order to place the data into
> a mysql database I must change the " and ' characters to something
> else or esacpe them so I can put them in the database.

fyi, the same question has been asked (and answered)
several times this week.  maybe it's time that someone
puts up a database FAQ ;-)

> Data Such as:
> string data: jdhasjdhdfjfhdjf\n"Hello there"\n'Bye1'\n
> tmpdata="insert into table values('%s')" % (string data)

first, figure out how to use variable binding in whatever
MySQL interface you're using.  iirc, this should work for
the MySQLdb interface:

    cursor.execute("insert into table values(%s)", [data])

if that doesn't work, you can use the escape_string method:

    cursor.execute("insert into table values('%s')" %

(if you're using MySQL, the corresponding function is called

(using base64 encoding will make your database some 33%
larger, and mess things up if you want to access the data
from some other application...)

> print "<input type='text' name='foo' value='%s'>" % (string data)
> The string which contains the ' and " characters will corrupt the above
> line causing it not to display in the browser.

    print "..." % cgi.escape(data)


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