Do I always have to write "self." ?

Samuel A. Falvo II kc5tja at
Mon May 1 01:55:27 CEST 2000

>OK, let's bite :-)
>    int WriteData(void *buffer, char *str, int len)
>I fail to see how this is somehow hard to read :-)

It's not, in this context.  But it was a decidedly simple example.  How
about this:

	int Evaluate( char *str1, char *param1, char *param2 );

Note the `param1' and `param2' argument names.  Hate to tell you this, but
that's Hungarian notation -- you're identifying those arguments as
"parameters".  But what the heck would str1 represent?  The command that
acts on those parameters?  You don't know -- you CAN'T know from this
definition.  It's cases like this that I choose to use hungarian notation:

	uint32 Evaluate( char *cmd, char *param1, char *param2 );

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