ANNOUNCE: Pmw megawidgets 0.8.4

Greg McFarlane gregm at
Fri May 12 15:59:11 CEST 2000

                        Pmw megawidgets

                         Version 0.8.4

                  Greg McFarlane <gregm at>

A new release of Pmw is out.  The main changes in this release are:

  - Added Pmw.MainMenuBar megawidget, which uses the menubar feature
    of Tk to provide platform specific menu bars.

  - Added Pmw.HistoryText megawidget.  This can be used as the basis
    of an interactive text-based database query gui.  It maintains a
    history of each query and allows editing of prior queries.

  - Fixed several memory leaks. There are no more known memory leaks.

  - Fixed problem in PmwBase when deleting windows that were created
    before Pmw was initialised (such as splash windows displayed while
    the application is coming up).

  - Added splash window to Pmw demo.

  - Removed key bindings for Pmw.ScrolledListBox except space and
    return keys.

  - Fixed bug in Pmw.Balloon when the canvas or text item that
    triggered the balloon is deleted before the balloon is displayed
    by the initwait timer.

  - Added arrownavigation option and previouspage() and nextpage()
    methods to Pmw.NoteBook.

  - Converted from regex module to re module, since regex is not
    implemented for Jpython.

  - Added references to the excellent Pmw.Blt.Graph documentation by
    Bjørn Ove Thue and Hans Petter Langtangen.

For more information on Pmw, see the home page at
and click on the link to the latest version.

You can fetch the entire distribution from

If you have any comments, enhancements or new contributions, please
contact me (gregm at


For those that do not know about Pmw, here is an extract from the

    Pmw is a toolkit for building high-level compound widgets, or
    megawidgets, constructed using other widgets as component parts. 
    It promotes consistent look and feel within and between graphical
    applications, is highly configurable to your needs and is easy to

    Pmw consists of:

        - A few base classes, providing a foundation for building

        - A library of flexible and extensible megawidgets built on
          the base classes, such as buttonboxes, notebooks,  
          comboboxes, selection widgets, paned widgets, scrolled
          widgets and dialog windows.

        - A lazy importer/dynamic loader which is automatically
          invoked when Pmw is first imported.  This gives unified
          access to all Pmw classes and functions through the Pmw.
          prefix.  It also speeds up module loading time by only
          importing Pmw sub-modules when needed.

        - Reference documentation, consisting of complete listings of
          megawidget options, methods and components.  Full
          descriptions are also available for all the base classes and
          several other megawidget classes.  Descriptions of the other
          megawidgets will be released soon.

        - A test framework and tests for Pmw megawidgets.

        - A slick demonstration of the megawidgets.

        - An interface to the BLT busy, graph and vector commands.

    The interface to Pmw megawidgets is similar to basic Tk widgets,
    so it is easy for developers to include both megawidgets and basic
    Tk widgets in their graphical applications.  In addition, Pmw
    megawidgets may themselves be extended, using either inheritance
    or composition.

    The use of the Pmw megawidgets replaces common widget combinations
    with higher level abstractions.  This simplifies code, making it
    more readable and maintainable.  The ability to extend Pmw
    megawidgets enables developers to create new megawidgets based on
    previous work.

Greg McFarlane     INMS Telstra Australia     gregm at

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