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Not at all a reply, but something I've been thinking about (well, actually,
customers are wondering) and that kinda has to do with this.
'What is the gain for a customer when I'm using Python as oppesed to Java,
C/C++, VB, Perl...?'
On the programming side it's easy to give examples of 'why Python'. I have
several reason myself for the customer side as well and management here can
come up with quite a few more. But what I'm wondering is if there excists
such a list already, with comparisons. If there is one, where? If not, let's
create one for all of us to post up to, something everyone can use.
Eventhough we know why to use it ourselves, it sometimes hard to convince a
Anyway, on top of the list is for sure: 'The great Python community' :)

> This post is meant to generate thoughtful discussion, not burn me to a
> crisp, so here it goes.
> I am a Windows programmer who uses mostly VB (I know how bad it is...I use
> it all the time).  I love the language syntax of python!  It is clean,
> and extremely powerful.  Yet, I have two items that I believe keep Python
> from growing with Windows users:
> 1.  In making this transition, I have had trouble because I am not used to
> trying to layout gui's with pure code.  If python could get a gui builder
> (like vb or delphi) that was mainstream and used native controls on each
> platform, it could easily give VB or Delphi a run for their money.  I have
> recently looked at Boa Constructor that lays out wxPython code and lets
> build a gui!  This is awesome.  I have not used the PythonWorks program,
> I will try it once it is out.
> 2.  It is nearly impossible for a newbie like me to build an .exe on the
> Windows platform with Python.  I have tried three different methods with a
> simple wxPython program (freeze, standalone, and installer).  I cannot get
> any of them to work.  It appears that I need to tell them what files I
> to distribute, but I do not know that info.  Python needs an installer
> can scan the code and automatically add the appropriate files for people
> are idiots like me.
> Once these two things are done, I could easily scrap VB and use Python
> exclusively.  Has anyone else experienced these frustrations?  What can be
> done to solve them?  (I also realize that perhaps they have been solved
> I just don't know where to look).

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