Python in an embedded environment

Robert Cragie rcc at
Thu May 25 11:06:43 EDT 2000

This is probably a bit off-topic, but I'd be interested to hear peoples
views on the suitability of Python and its VM in an embedded 'smart devices'
environment. There is a lot of talk of embedded Java, Jini etc., but it
strikes me that Python is probably very suitable as a language for
programming smart devices, as it satisifies a lot of the reasons for
choosing Java etc. (e.g. 'WORA') Plus it's cleaner syntax etc. implies
easier, safer code development which is a big consideration for these sorts
of devices. Plus it would be an open-source solution. I realise there may be
some issues around thread handling (e.g. global interpreter lock) which
would need to be addressed.

Has anybody looked into this already, and if so, could they give me some
pointers to any docs. etc?


Robert Cragie
Design Engineer
Jennic Ltd.
Sheffield Science Park
Sheffield S1 2NS

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