tcl tk events problem ?

Pramod Kumar Singh pramod at
Thu May 11 19:32:25 EDT 2000


  I am using python with tcl/tk and have the following statement in my
python script

ans =  Dialogs.askquestion('Verify quit', 'Really quit?',

  When I run and trace through python's final function to invoke tk
command, it seems to be perfectly fine as follows.

(Pdb) print self.command
(Pdb) print self.options
{'icon': 'question', 'type': 'yesno', 'message': 'Really quit?',
'title': 'Verify quit', 'default': 'yes'}

  When the msgbox comesup, I click on "yes", but the return value in ans
is "0". I run this once again without getting out of the script, the ans
is "yes".

  Any idea what is wrong the first time, or where should I debug in
tcl/tk or python. I am using this with threads on solaris 251 and python
1.5.2 and tcl/tk 8.2.2. I tried this on solaris 26, same behaviour.

  Thanks for any help. Regards,


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