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Greg Ewing greg at
Wed May 3 21:10:07 EDT 2000

Jeff Massung wrote:
> Definitely no disagreement here, I just thought that with the GUI idea of
> Hypercard would help the learning process. It is interesting to learn the
> exact opposite! I wonder why...? :)

Because the presence of the GUI is not sufficient to make
up for all the severe suckiness lurking just behind it.

Hypercard strikes me as a good idea whose execution went
horribly wrong at a very early stage.

I've had some ideas floating around in my mind for a few
years on what a "Hypercard done right" would be like.
They revolve around a programming language which bears
many similarities to Python, although Python wasn't
around then. Now that it is, maybe I'll get around to
implementing them.

I'd be happy to share my ideas on this if anyone wants
to collaborate.

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