hungarian notation is evil (was Re: Do I always have to write "self." ?)

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Wed May 17 19:51:13 EDT 2000

In article <CWDU4.1605$BW6.19984 at>, Grant Edwards
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>After recently trying to help an associate read some C++ code
>he inherited, I know exactly what you mean.  There were
>instance variables that shadowed global variables, and
>#define'd macros that hid the names of instance variables from
>the user and so on.  It was a royal mess.
>C++ and Perl both require more self-discipline than is posessed
>by 99% of the programming population (myself included).

Actually that remark applies to any language used to write substantial
amounts of code. If you really want to promote Python, focus on what it
is good for rather than claim that it allows mediocre performers to do
some programming.  Any fool can write unreadable code in any language.
Writing code that is unreadable to someone who is fluent in a language
is probably a sign of incompetence. Not being able to read the code of a
competent programmer probably indicates your own level of inadequacy.

Serious, professional programmers browsing this newsgroup might go away
believing that Python was just a language for fadists.  If you want your
opinions respected, respect the tools used by others.  Or, to put it
another way: 'Bad workman blame their tools.'

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