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François Pinard pinard at
Wed May 24 22:00:54 EDT 2000

Courageous <jkraska1 at> writes:

> As for make, I suspect you're using the wrong make program.

Strange hypothesis!

> Gnumake scripts are, if written correctly, very succint.

All is relative, you know.  The complexity is inherent to some setup,
and `make' is no magician to reduce that complexity, which it then ought
to represent.  This is inescapable.

One might argue on the "if written correctly", of course.  I got a few
ideas, along all those years, about what is a good Makefile.

I believe that some undoubtedly good Makefiles might nevertheless be hairy,
and I would be tempted to guess that the complexity they convey could be
advantageously reformulated in Python.  I agree with you that it might
not be worth attempting for simple contexts and simple Makefiles.

> With dependency evaluation and the like, make very much does what it's
> designed to do, IMO.

This is a tautology.  Most Unix tools make what they are designed to do.

François Pinard

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