exception handling

David Arnold arnold at dstc.monash.edu.au
Mon May 8 19:10:27 EDT 2000

-->"Jp" == Jp Calderone <exarkun at flashmail.com> writes:

  Jp> Is there any way to catch *all* exceptions raised in a
  Jp> try/except block *and* get a reference to the exception that was
  Jp> raised?

in your except clause, catch exceptions.Exception (the base class for
all exceptions), and grab the instance.  from there you can play with
it, like

    >>> try:
    ...     raise NameError
    ... except exceptions.Exception, e:
    ...     print e.__class__

alternatively, try the sys.last_(traceback,type,value) names.  these
retain info about the last exception raised.


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