returning SAFEARRAY(double)

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Tue May 16 00:51:13 CEST 2000

I believe that is infinity, which is a possible "number" under the
floating point system Python (well, Windows) uses.

I have no idea _why_ you have this value, other than saying that your COM
object obviously thought you needed it!

Im afraid I dont know much about floats, but what you have there is a
regular, standard, valid Python float, so the issue really has nothing to
do with PythonCOM - its either a pure-Python issue (so you learn how to
deal with these funcky values), or purely a COM-Server issue (ie, you need
to find why your object is passing this value).  PythonCOM is just the
poor sucker in the middle :-)


"Yoon S. Choi" <ychoi at> wrote in message
news:391f6f89.1027033 at
> I have a COM object method that returns a SAFEARRAY of double (the
> parameter signature looks like [out] SAFEARRAY(double) *pArray).
> When I call the COM method from Python, I get the following result:
> ( 0.0,  0.#INF ).
> What does #INF mean?  I can't find it referenced in any documentation.

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