Linux and Python install problem

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You can get an RPM version (1.5.2-1) for Caldera 2.3 at the following:

Do some browsing at the above and you might find something interesting.

Or you can go directly to download the  the Prog.

Good luck
Snoopy :-)

Matthew Miller wrote in message <3911EAF8.A0CF1EC3 at>...
>Thanks for your reply Martin. I'm running Caldera OpenLinux 2.3. I've
>tried the Redhat rpm from, but doesn't install correctly on
>COL2.3, so I've downloaded the py152.tgz from, and tried to
>install from that. I've written some shell scripts and they all execute
>fine, so I'm baffed as to why ./configure doesn't work - something
>simple no doubt. The COL2.3 distro contains a rpm for python-1.5.1, but
>part of my reason for installing python-1.5.2 and maybe 1.6 is to become
>more comfortable with using shell scripts to install stuff.
>"Martin Skøtt" wrote:
>> Matthew Miller <matthewm at> writes:
>> > Hi everyone,
>> >
>> > I'm REALLY new to Linux and I'm stuck. I've downloaded python-1.5.2 and
>> > untarballed the distro. However, when I run the configure shell script
>> > using ./configure, bash reports "No such file or directory". I'm doing
>> > this from within the python directory (ie: not a path issue as far as I
>> > can tell) and have ensured execute permissions are set etc. Any ideas?
>> > Thanks...
>> Before you start installing to much, which distro are you running? I
>> guess that the majority of Linux distributions today all include
>> Python in some strange package format. Try and check your CD or
>> download server to see if somebody has done all the work for you.
>> On Red Hat all software packages are placed in the RedHat/RPMS/
>> directory. Try doing an ls | grep python in that directory and
>> install the pachages using rpm -ivh <packge-name.rpm> If you are
>> running Red Hat I guess most of Python has allready been installed
>> because many of the Red Hat setup tools are written in Python.
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