Case-sensitivity: why -- or why not? (was Re: Damnation!)

Ben Wolfson rumjuggler at
Sun May 21 13:59:16 EDT 2000

On Sun, 21 May 2000 09:27:55 GMT, "Neil Hodgson" <neilh at>

>   Some people have been using a=A(). Even me. But is this something that
>you really feel should be encouraged? Or is it a source of ambiguity and
>potential misunderstanding.

If you read a and A as different symbols, a=A() isn't ambiguous but
informative, at least as far as the class name is informative.

Barnabas T. Rumjuggler

It would be wrong to ridicule this before explanation, for
philosophers must be allowed their bits of terminology.  It is much
better to ridicule it afterwards.
 -- Simon Blackburn, reviewing "Kant and the Platypus" by Umberto Eco

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