Python vs Java : GUI, drag an drop

Robin Dunn robin at
Wed May 17 04:45:51 CEST 2000

> I'm planning to write a UI application which will require support for drag
> and drop (D&D). The user of my GUI will need to be able to pick a tool
> a palette and drop it into a workspace, move things around (a bit like in
> Visio), resize, etc.

I'll have the second the motion for wxPython, but then I'm a bit biased.

wxPython has very complete integration with the platform's DnD and Clipboard
capabilities, including handling multiple data standard or custom formats

If all you're looking for is the ability to drag items around a window, I'm
working on wrapping a new class that will help you do this.  Tkinter's
canvas class also supports this very well.

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