Oracle+Zope problem

Bill Scherer scherbi at
Thu May 18 07:38:36 EDT 2000

Kris -

I believe that BREAK ON is specific to the sqlplus environment, and won't work
through the oci*.  DESC is another sqlplus command that doesn't work throught
oci.  There are probably many others.  As for formatting though, Python should
be plenty powerful enough to do your formatting...

Someone correct me if I've got this wrong.


* oci, the Oracle Call Interface.  This is what DCOracle uses to connect to

kn216 at wrote:

> Hello
> I'm trying to get ZOracleDA (DCOracle) to accept some formatting options, but
> it doesn't work. Commands like   cursor.execute("BREAK ON deptno")
> return with an 'Invalid SQL statement'  - error.
> With Zope I do:
> BREAK ON deptno
> <dtml-var sql_delimiter>
> SELECT ...
> and it results in the same error.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Kris
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