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Wed May 17 00:05:04 EDT 2000

I had the same problem with tcl, tk and mysql modules.  The problem is the
executable doesn't look for the libs in /usr/local/lib (I haven't put much
thought into figuring out why).  I solved the problem by making symbolic links
to those libraries in a directory which I was sure the interpreter would read:

>From /usr/lib, enter

    ln -s /usr/local/lib/

and so on.

I'd like to take this clutter out of /usr/lib.  Can anyone tell me how to get
the interpreter to seek libraries in additional directories?


dana_booth wrote:

> I do okay with Python, and I do okay with TCL/TK. Today, I begin a project
> which will involve a gui interface, and something that I would naturally
> have begun writing TCL code for.
> The workstation that I use is Linux. (mandrake 6.0) I think, hey, I'll see
> what I can do using tkinter. I re-compile Python to include the tkinter
> module, and it makes fine, but when I make install, error says "
> shared object file not found". Permissions on are 755, and it
> resides in /usr/local/lib. I don't see anything wrong...
> So anyway, I  never used tkinter today. :) But it bugs me that the module
> won't install. Does anyone have an idea what the problem is?
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