Irix 6.5, gcc 2.95.2, readline and control-C problem

Quinn Dunkan quinn at
Mon May 8 18:07:59 EDT 2000

On 06 May 2000 18:02:49 -0700, Harry George <hgg9140 at> wrote:
>Is it strictly gcc 2.95.2?  I have Python 1.5.2 on IRIX 6.5 as n32, but built
>with SGI's cc.  Didn't have readline at the time, but was intending to
>recompile with it.  Is it readline itself or the compiler?  Anyone know?
>"Andrew Dalke" <dalke at> writes:
>> George White asked:
>> >Does anyone have readline working for n32 python on Irix 6.5?
>> I never did get that fixed.  It only occurs for me when I ^C
>> during readline (as compared to when a Python program is running),
>> so I got into the habit of not doing that.
>>                     Andrew

I have python compiled with gcc 2.8.1 on irix 6.5 system.  If I hit ^C when
readline is doing its thing, python locks up.  Meanwhile, I have python
and readline compiled with sgi cc on another irix 6.5 system, and everything
works properly.

So it appears to be a gcc thing.

On another note, if I hit ^C under readline on a *linux* python, it dies
immediately...  bleah, readline would really suck if it weren't so darn

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