Book missing from python line-up?

Neel Krishnaswami neelk at
Thu May 25 19:01:14 EDT 2000

Frank Sergeant <frank.sergeant at> wrote:
> I recommend _Object-oriented Software Construction_ (either 1st or
> 2nd edition) by Meyer, as it delves deeply into OO and what it means
> and what it requires and what it implies.  It was the first
> _principled_ book on OO that I read, as opposed to the "oooh,
> objects -- cool!"  drivel, such as the _Tao of Objects_ book.

I think that the best book on OO I've ever read was Friedman, Wand and
Haynes' _Essentials of Programming Languages_.  Since the book is
about learning how to write interpreters, all the machinery is laid
bare -- a single short chapter on interpreters for OO languages takes
all the magic out of OO.

Furthermore, the fact that all the code in the book is really
well-written Scheme with well-chosen ADTs also means that reading the
code for the interpreters is an education in good design in and of


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