Python and SOAP - is anyone washing up a storm?

Fredrik Lundh effbot at
Sun May 21 13:11:22 EDT 2000

Gogmagog <tourist at> wrote:
> I understand that SOAP has been accepted as "note" status by WC3 and is
> being considered by the IETF as a standard for heterogenous systems to make
> RPC XML calls. Although originated by Microsoft, Simple Object Access
> Protocol (SOAP) has gained industry acceptance. IMHO, it marks also a
> decision by Microsoft to defend the market they have rather than embracing
> and extending.
> I am aware of DCOM  and CORBA work in Python, but is anyone coding up Python
> middleware to handle this oncoming SOAP standard?

here's one such project:

(but I'm afraid you have to change "may 20th" to "end
of this month")


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